Jaime García reveals challenge and lesson to key Wanderers youth against UC

Jaime Garcia he finished the game with a smile, well Santiago Wanderers was able to beat UC 1-0 in the first leg of the quarterfinals of the Chile Cup 2024 in the regional phase. Everything unraveled with a goal from César Valenzuela in the seventh added minute of the second half.

El Gato took advantage of the rebound he left Thomas Gillier after a spectacular cover. But he couldn’t do anything about Valenzuela’s attempt. The promising goalkeeper started on the bench in Catholic Universitywell Sebastian Perez was the headline before the Dean.

Although the match ended abruptly for Carrot. A strong infringement outside the area and as a last resort led to the direct expulsion of the Viñamarino goalkeeper. Thus the things, the Brazilian Tiago Nunes He had to turn to Gillier out of obligation. And he replaced Milan Tudor, who had a forgettable debut due to a maneuver that was not his responsibility.

The foul by goalkeeper Cruzado was against Diego Opazo, an 18-year-old forward who could not continue on the field at the Elías Figueroa Brander stadium. Although he was not considered in the victory against Concon National for reasons that had nothing to do with football directly.

The strong blow of Carrot Pérez on Diego Opazo. (Raul Zamora/Photosport).

“I try to be there with the cadets and introduce them in a balanced way. I want to lead the kids on a good path. I didn’t mention Opazo last week. I see other things, not just football. If he doesn’t behave or stop him at home, I have to stop him.”García said after the victory in the first leg.

Jaime García tells the truth about the challenge to Diego Opazo, a Wanderers youth player who was key in the victory against UC

Jaime García detected a different talent from Diego Opazo in Wanderers and for that reason he lined up against UC. Although the strong blow by Carrot Pérez forced him to be replaced, precisely by the author of the winning goal for the Dean.

Benjamín Saravia did not hesitate: he showed a direct red card to Sebastián Pérez. (Raul Zamora/Photosport).

But the DT also put Opazo’s point across his i’s. “If the children behave and follow the structure that I feel they should follow, beyond being a player, I will give you opportunities“Detailed the coach, who replaced the Uruguayan Francisco Palladino in the Valparaíso team.

“First It fulfills me as a person, then as a player“said the popular Chacalito, who is trying to get the Caturros to take off in the First B 2024. And for now he has reasons to smile at the 2024 Chile Cup.

When is the rematch between Santiago Wanderers and Universidad Católica for the 2024 Chile Cup played?

The return match between UC and Santiago Wanderers, which will have the Cruzados at home, will be played at the El Teniente de Rancagua stadium. will be played Saturday, June 29, starting at 3 p.m.according to continental Chile time.

This is how Santiago Wanderers goes in the Primera B 2024 standings

Santiago Wanderers finished the initial half of Primera B 2024 closer to the risk positions in the standings.

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