This is how you can play World of Warcraft on your Xbox console

This is how you can play World of Warcraft on your Xbox console
This is how you can play World of Warcraft on your Xbox console

It was one of the hopes that fans had of world of warcraft in these last weeks, that the famous showcase of Microsoft Celebrated on the occasion of the Summer Game fest 2024, it brings us a console launch of the legendary MMORPG which turns no more and no less than 20 years in 2024. But in the end the thing came to nothing because Blizzard He hasn’t said a word.

The point is that world of warcraft it will still be a PC game during At least this year, unless there is some last-minute surprise outside of what was seen at the Summer Game Fest. And since that will not happen, the community has decided to find a way for the MMORPG to end up landing on Microsoft consoles. Do you know how they did it?

World of Warcraft finds an ally in Xbox

The fact is that since Muhammad does not go to the mountain, they have decided that it is the mountain that has to go to the prophet. And that’s what the community has done, invent a way to play with world of warcraft using the weapons that we have in our hands today. And what is that magical tool capable of making such a specific title of PC make the jump to consoles?

Well basically the users who have shown how it works world of warcraft what they have done has been to use GeForce Now!the gaming service in streaming from NVIDIA that allows access through a web browser such as Edge. So, How Xbox Series X|S they carry one inside, precisely with the core of the browser from Microsoft, well we already have half the job completed.

hey xbox players! World of Warcraft is playable on Xbox through GeforceNow!
byu/ReapsNoEviL inxbox

As you can see in the Reddit post, what they have done is nothing other than sending from a PC through GeForce Now! the image and sound of world of warcraft to play them on a Xbox, through the house’s own local network. With a more than interesting and promising result, although with a limitation that many did not expect once they got this far.

How does World of Warcraft work with a gamepad?

Although Blizzard has already transformed his Devils so that they worked with gamepad without problems, in the case of world of warcraft That hasn’t happened yet and that’s the main obstacle you’re going to encounter, because the game hasn’t been mapped to use an Xbox controller. Another thing is that you try to do it from the installation on the PC and pair keys with those buttons, but it will be a bit of an arduous task.

Another alternative is to connect to Xbox a keyboard and a mouse, which work without problems inside the machine, but to enjoy the MMORPG It’s almost better that you stay on the PC desktop and put aside this nonsense of being able to make it work through GeForce Now! from NVIDIA. No?

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