How to use the new Google Maps function to save gas

Find a route: The application will show the most efficient option in terms of gasoline consumption.

The new function of Google Maps, “ecological routes” is a valuable tool for drivers in Argentina. By optimizing routes based on the vehicle’s engine type, it allows save fuel and reduce CO2 emissions.

Activating this feature is simple and can make a significant difference in costs and environmental impact

11 curious facts about Google Maps

Today, 90% of global searches are conducted on Google. Thanks to its global mapping service called Google Maps, The American company quickly became part of consumers’ everyday lives.

1. Google Maps was not invented by Google

No! This idea of ​​digital cartography was not created by Google but by two computer engineer brothers in 2003. Of Danish origin, Jens and Lars Rasmussen developed the beginnings of what is now Google Maps and their idea was purchased in 2004 by Google.

2. The app has dominated the market since its inception

Google Maps now has more than 220 countries mapped with more than one billion active users every month. In addition to being The leader in the itinerary application market, Google Maps, bought its main competitor in 2013, Waze, for the modest sum of 966 million dollars!

3. Google Maps has become much more than a route calculation service

Today, the app not only helps you find your way but also makes life easier for its users with a multitude of new features! With Google Maps, you can see the store opening hours, book your next appointment with the hairdresser, look at a restaurant menu for that night and check transportation when it’s time to return home. Quite useful, right?

4. With the Street view option it is possible to visit 16 million kilometers

The service Google Maps currently covers 16 million kilometers of trails, roads, streets, highways and highways in hundreds of countries and territories. To obtain this data, Google Maps has created a virtual navigation service called Street View that allows users to see places on a 360° panorama. Google Street View vehicles have already circled the Earth more than 400 times.

5. Google Maps uses unconventional ways to visit the most remote places

Today Google Street View has more than 220 billion images. However, to obtain images of the most unusual places, Google had to show imagination by adapting its recording system. Whether by gondola around Venice in Italy, pulled by sled dogs in northern Canada, on the back of a camel in the United Arab Emirates or on a jet ski in the Pacific: nothing is impossible with Google.

If you visit Google Maps in Russia and Ukraine, you will not have the same map

6. Artificial intelligence is used to collect data

The Street View tool certainly allows Google to retrieve billions of images but that’s not all! Google Street View helps Google Maps collect data thanks to the decoding carried out by artificial intelligencel. For example, in an image containing the facade of a restaurant, AI can read a phone number, opening hours or a menu. Impressive right?

7. Local guides can contribute content to Google Maps

Yes, you understood correctly! The rest of the data collected comes from the local guides, They are, simply, a community of Google Maps users. Sign up, write reviews, share photos, add or edit locations and verify information on Google Maps. All of these actions will allow you to earn points and, in some cases, obtain a reward. It’s your turn!

8. Google Maps helps you find local establishments

Today, 82% of Internet users who search from their mobile phone look for local results (shops, restaurants, services, etc.). To meet this need, Google Maps offers relevant results in a geographic area around it. In this way, it is possible to see all the data such as opening hours, products and services offered, but also consult customer opinions of the selected company. All this information will help you make the right decision directly on Google Maps.

Google Maps offers you a guided tour of the most emblematic places in the world

9. Google Arts & Culture lets you visit Versailles from your couch

Google Maps offers you a guided tour of the most emblematic places of the world. After 3 years of research and work, the Google application allows you to visit the Palace of Versailles in a 360° view thanks to one hundred thousand photos of the place. With the help of 3D glasses (virtual reality), Google Maps allows you to discover or rediscover emblematic places like you have never seen them before.

10. It is possible to go to space thanks to Street View

Thanks to French astronaut Thomas Pesquet, it is now possible visit the International Space Station (ISS) in the Street View option of Google Maps. The ISS was photographed in 360°, allowing users to walk around the station and observe the equipment available to astronauts during their missions. A truly spacey idea!

11. You use Google Maps even without realizing it

Nowadays it is almost impossible not to use Google Maps. Yes, even when you order your pizza at Uber, Are you looking for your next home to spend your holidays in? Airbnb or when you propose a shared ride in BlaBlaCar, you are using Maps.

Use Google Maps is simple and can make a significant difference in costs and environmental impact. In summary, Google Maps not only makes it easier to navigate and explore new places, but also promotes a more economical and ecological managementbenefiting both drivers and the environment.

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