Strange scare in The House of the Famous Colombia

The participants of The house of the famous Colombia They are already in the last week of the competition, so the Boss has implemented various activities so that the semi-finalists are comfortable, comfortable and happy, without losing the concentration that the grand final requires.

It is for this reason that the re-entry of five former participants was one of the best opportunities for the semifinalists to be able to distract themselves a little and continue generating happy memories that they can take away from the successful reality show. However, the behavior of some celebrities continues to generate something to talk about among the residents who currently own the most famous house in the country.

Karen and Ornella are scared by a Mafe Walker object

Undoubtedly, Karen Sevillano He took his partner’s re-entry with great joy. Ornella Sierra since both women, from the so-called ‘team papilla’, forged a great bond during their time in the competition. It is for this reason that Sevillano is constantly sharing with Sierra during the last week of competition.

Both celebrities come together to play, talk, laugh, among other routine activities that they can share in the facilities of the most famous house in the country. However, on a recent occasion when the celebrities went to the bathroom, they got a quite shocking and disturbing scare.

Sevillano was the one who observed a mysterious object above the toilet that is exclusively for women. It was a mysterious deformed stone, gray in color, in which a rather strange face could be identified since it had slits for eyes and what seemed to be a mouth. According to the women, said object was the property of Mafe Walker which “made them even more afraid.”

“That looks like something, I’m very scared and I’m not going to go into that bathroom because it looks like a humanoid,” said Karen and Ornella.

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Karen Sevillano spoke about empathy in the reality show debate

On the other hand, viewers and Internet users witnessed in episode 123 the great debate that took place between the five semifinalists of the first season of The House of the Famous Colombia. In this space, everyone had the opportunity to give their reasons why they want to win the reality show and also answered concerns from their colleagues and fans.

However, Karen was questioned about the alleged “exclusive empathy among her team.” Faced with this question, the content creator stated that her group was always empathetic from the beginning since it was important to recognize that “everyone has differences so that is also translated under the term empathy.”

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