How much are Danilo del Desafío and Tintilo del Desatino similar?: this is what the challenger said

During the competition, Danilo, a former Challenge 2024 participant, won the affection of his colleagues in Alpha thanks to his personality and his life story made viewers also become his fans.

As a consequence, the athlete already has more than 43 thousand people on his Instagram account where he shares content about his life and his physical discipline. In addition, he reacts to the episodes of the Colombian reality show and his former colleagues.
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Danilo is Tintilo in Desatino

On June 22, the parody of the 20-year Challenge premiered on Sábados Felices, it is about Desatino, where The young man has a clone they named Tintilo. In their presentation they described it as: “Tinterillo, somewhat decaffeinated, from Ibagué.”

His name in the comedy program has to do with his work outside of the competition, as he himself explained that he sold red wines with his mother in his hometown to get money and thus support himself financially.

As it was expected, The young man reacted to his character in Desatino through comments on networksIn fact, on his profile he shared the beginning of production and wrote: “How did you like my parody?

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