What happened to Kratos in the Death Challenge

During cycle 11 of the Challenge the four men sentenced were Hercules, Francisco, Yoifer and Kratos, the first three from Beta and the last from Omega. Despite the odds of a member of the blue team coming out, the rugby player was the one who lost the test.

The four started very evenly until they had to return to the starting point, since the athletes from the blue squad helped each other to pass the net with the cement balls, but The man from Bogotá was left behind and was unable to surpass this place.
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Despite the shouts and support, both from teammates and rivals, the man continued to insist that he could not continue and, in fact, He made the decision to turn back to get a second wind, something that some did not understand.

What happened to Kratos from the Challenge

When having to lift the cement balls onto a platform, the Omega member made a huge effort and from that moment on he took some breaks to breathe. Subsequently He sat in front of the net and waited for the impulse to enter, but when he did so he had to turn back and leave.

His classmates began to encourage him and ask him why he was doing this, to which He could only answer “I can’t.” and finally he decided to lie down on one of the platforms and then fall exhausted to the ground, unable to respond.

The reactions of the other challengers were immediate and while some supported him, some wondered what was happening to him. Followed this, The Challenge 2024 medical team had to access the Black Box to assist him.

The challenger was given oxygen until he stabilizedHowever, by that point in the competition Hercules had already won, Yoifer also completed the definition and Francisco did so shortly after, so there was no longer an opportunity for Kratos to come back.
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Who is Kratos from the Challenge

Kratos personifies the imposing strength of the God of War. This native of Bogotá enters the 20 Year Challenge with the aim of realizing the dream cherished by his entire family. Raised by two athletes, this participant breathes competitiveness, discipline and passion for physical activity from an early age.

The discovery of rugby during an educational trip to South Africa marks a turning point in his life. His perseverance and dedication catapulted him to the Colombian national team, where he emerged as a tireless warrior on the field of play and a gentleman off it.

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