This is her unknown anesthetist husband, whom she just married

  • The Murcian singer has recently confirmed that he secretly got married a few weeks ago, as had been published

  • Jones has also spoken about his unknown partner, speaking out for the first time and ensuring that he is the “love of his life.”

  • Furthermore, in statements given to Semana magazine, Xuso has revealed some details about the identity of her now husband.

At the beginning of June, unexpected news came to light regarding the social chronicle: that Xuso Jones had married. The Murcian singer has always maintained total secrecy regarding his love life, and it was not known that he had a partner or that he was thinking about getting married, hence the surprise of the information. Finally, after weeks of speculation and much gossip, Xuso has decided to speak publicly about the link, revealing some details of it. He has also spoken about the person he married, ensuring that she is the “love of his life.” And she has given some information to Semana magazine regarding her identity.

This is how Xuso Jones spoke about her secret wedding and her husband

Xuso Jones breaks his silence and speaks out about his wedding

Despite being a famous face for many years now, Jones He has always managed to keep his personal sphere out of focus media. His musical career, his multiple television appearances, his work on social networks or his role as host of the podcast ‘Poco se speaking’ have greatly increased his exposure, but despite this hardly any details are known about his privacybeyond the fact that in the past he was occasionally linked to a well-known face, without anything ever being confirmed.

The fact of having married has been a real before and after for Xuso, as has been seen in the last few hours, when He has spoken in depth about his wedding, despite admitting that he is not “accustomed” to speaking out publicly about it. It took place last May 25 and the couple He conceived it as something intimate for his family and those closest to him.. Jones has acknowledged at an event for the tenth anniversary of Warner Park Beach that had to “cut” the guest listand leave out some of his friends, in his own words.

In the aforementioned statements, granted to Europa Press, he assured, when asked by the reporter of this medium, that “of course” the person he had married was the love of his life. “I hope it lasts a lifetime,” she has been sincere, joking about refusing to remarry in the future. But, also, Xuso has spoken in more detail about his already spouse in a few words for Semana magazine, giving data about your partner and the relationship that they maintain.

This is how Xuso Jones has spoken publicly about her anonymous husband

The one from Murcia has confirmed that, as they had advanced in the Las Mamarazzi podcast, her already husband is an anesthetist. But she wanted to protect his privacy at all times: “He is anonymous and does not have an Instagram account or Facebook or anything.. Imagine how anonymous it is that he doesn’t want to know anything about social networks,” he explained to the aforementioned media.

Yes, it has been something more specific with respect to the relationship they have. Is about a love story that they have had for “many years”. In his words, they not only love each other, they also care for and respect each other “very much.” “We are soulmates“summarized the artist. In addition, he joked about the possibility of, after the wedding, get excited about possible parenthood. “Let’s go after the football team,” she declared with the humor that usually characterizes her.

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