Alicia Machado’s reprehensible attitude with “El Puma” after elimination challenge in Top Chef VIP 3 (VIDEO)


For days now, the audience of ‘Top Chef VIP 3’, a reality show on the Telemundo television network, has been upset with the attitude that Alicia Machado had with José Luis Rodríguez, better known as Puma, who was eliminated from the competition. this June 20th.

By El Diario NY

A few days ago the Venezuelans had had some friction in the program, which had since generated comments among the public.

Now, the situation has been more critical, because Miss Universe 1996 did not make a gesture toward the ‘Pavo Real’ interpreter when he was eliminated, but before she did try to resolve things.

And this is something that did not cause regret to Alicia Machado, because she said in the reality show: “I am not here to let the production know if I am a good person or not, I come here to do my job and compete. , to win that award and reach the final.”

Alicia Machado causes controversy in ‘Top Chef VIP 3’

The controversy increased because the Puma said that he preferred to go out with his compatriot, since she would not take it in a good way, as he commented: “I thanked God that they eliminated me because I can’t imagine Alicia’s situation if she had lost ”.

From the public, there has been no shortage of reactions and that is why on the Telemundo Realities Instagram account there were messages such as: “The Puma dish did not meet the challenge, but they should have removed or sanctioned Alicia for being rude,” “It should have been Alicia left because of arrogance”, “Once the arrogant Alicia leaves, no one can stand her”.

But there were also those who criticized the singer, because they considered that he did not give his best in the preparations: “I feel very happy that Puma has left, there are many there who want to compete and take it seriously, while others He didn’t care about everything and made others lose…everyone tells the Puma that he is wise, but someone wise is a good father.”

Alicia does not say goodbye to 'Puma' on her departure from Top Chef VIP | Realities After Dark

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