In Challenge XX, Kratos, from Team Omega, was left out of the fusion

In Challenge XX, Kratos, from Team Omega, was left out of the fusion
In Challenge XX, Kratos, from Team Omega, was left out of the fusion

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The adventure reality show XX Challenge entered its final stage to define the participants who would reach the fusion phasein which the competing teams disappear.

On the night of Monday, June 24, in episode 56 on air, the Death Challenge was held between three members of Alpfa and one of Omega. Yoifer, Kratos, Francisco and Hercules arrived at the so-called Box of Deathwho wore the sentencing vests.

After a tough test in which they had to move three cement balls over different obstacles, the first to finish, in this order, were Hércules, Yoifer and Francisco, all from the Beta team, while Kratos did not manage to finish the competition and had to be treated by the reality show’s medical team. They gave him oxygen to recover.

The contestant, a rugby player from Bogotá, got stuck in the mesh and fainted after the physical effort. Tiredness and lack of food took their toll on the athlete, who was unable to complete the obstacles.

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In this way, Omega was only left with four participants: Gaspar, Luisa, Alejo and Renzo.

According to production information, the Bogota native takes home 19,530,000 million pesos.

What’s next

This Tuesday a new sentencing cycle begins for women, to determine which does not reach the next stage, in which one of the teams will disappear, after losing the captains test.

Already in the next stage, Santiago and Kevin, from Alpha, have secured their place; Arandú, Yoifer, Francisco and Hércules; from Beta, and Alejo and Renzo from Omega.

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Desafío continues to be the most watched program on Colombian television, with an average rating of 12 points. In the country, one rating point represents 280,000 people in front of the screen.

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