4 key tips for your plants to withstand the coldest days of autumn winter

In this very cold season, there are certain things to keep in mind when we have floors. Whether we like it or not, they need our care and supervision., and especially if we take them as faithful companions at home, whether indoors or outdoors. When it’s very cold, there are things that you may need to change and now we are going to explain why and what you can do.

Take care of your plants during the cold season.

Water less

Now that the autumn winter season has started, there is more cold wind, it is raining and the frosts are coming with everything, we recommend that when it comes to watering you be careful and attentive because you can harm your plant if you give it a lot of water. They will no longer consume as much water at this time

Try this homemade trick.

Be careful with Alocasias

In case you have these floors In your home, you have to know that by feeling colder and not receiving as much sunlight as in other times, it is very likely that they will ‘hide’ and you may think that they died, but this is not the case. They just hide. If you already have some that are losing leaves or look a little weak, don’t feel bad or worry because they will sprout again.

Put this idea into practice at home.

There are leaves that are going to fall

Indoor plants are tropical plants that, by losing their leaves, resist the strong cold season.

Healthy plants in autumn winter.

Make sure they don’t burn

You will notice that now the sun enters your house differently through the window because the sun’s rays are lower, this means that there are plants that will receive more than they used to receive. You have to be careful so that the leaves do not burn.

Follow these tips for the well-being of your plants and you will be able to handle yourself calmly this season.

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