What did the only person arrested for the millionaire robbery of the La Reina business declare?

What did the only person arrested for the millionaire robbery of the La Reina business declare?
What did the only person arrested for the millionaire robbery of the La Reina business declare?

José Darío Morales, alias “Cajetito”, a known criminal from the capital of Corrientes, testified before prosecutor Lucrecia Troia and denied his participation in the theft of 110 million pesos from the La Reina shopping establishment.

Morales said that in the early morning in which the criminal coup occurred he was with his children, since he had only been released three days after being detained for another reason.

He made his cell phone available to the justice system so that they could examine it and find out the conversations he had.

It should be remembered that the man was arrested after the raid on a home in the 100 Homes in the Ponce neighborhood.

A backpack was seized at the scene (inside it contained a handie radio with charger base and battery, a balaclava, a face mask, and a black wool hat). They also took four cell phones of different brands and models.

What caught the attention of the officers the most was that in a pair of pants they found handwritten sheets with schedules, names and addresses that, supposedly, would be related to the La Reina business premises.

A silver gray Peugeot model 208 car was also seized, which had a sequestration request since it had been stolen. He had a patent that did not correspond to the mobile phone.

As El Litoral learned, the Police were able to find Morales after analyzing the business’s security cameras. The truth is that the criminals had their faces covered, so up to now there is no decisive evidence linking them to the case. The head of the Fiscal Unit for Concrete Investigations of Corrientes Lucrecia Troia stated that, “We have proven that there were five of them and that they acted with their faces covered, the idea is to reach and identify everyone,” before FM Radio Dos.

Regarding the arrest of Morales, the Prosecutor indicated that “he is a person already known in the criminal field, plus the images from security cameras that were obtained gave us indications” of his possible participation and highlighted the work of the DIC and Complex Crimes. .

Due to the way in which they committed the assault, with the security with which they moved, they assure that they had the complicity of a worker or person who knew the internal movements of the business.

In the early hours of May 27, they stole the money from the entire weekend’s collection that was not in any safe, but rather was stored in bags in an office on the first floor.

The business lacked a watchman and security guards, a fact that the robbers also managed.

Just as they parked a car on Uruguay Street, around 2 o’clock, five people got out with their faces covered and jumped over a wall and entered an internal courtyard, where they turned the direction of a security camera that was pointing at them.

Then they climbed to the roof, where they broke a durlok to go directly to the office where the millions of pesos were stored.

Once they took possession of the money, they left through the same place. Everything lasted just a few minutes.

When a neighbor called the police after hearing noises, she could only see the five assailants walking away.(NG).

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