These are the trains that restore in Cuba. Calendar and Schedules

With the approach of the summer season in Cuba, Transportation and Railway authorities announced this week that some train routes are being reestablished. Here we leave you calendars and schedules of these services, according to the official status.

According to this report released by Cubadebate, this June 15, the Empresa Ferrocarriles de Oriente (EFO) resumed the service of the Guantánamo-Holguín-Guantánamo train, thus fulfilling its “summer plan”, as we had been announcing.

The train, identified as 86-87, will depart from Guantánamo station at 6:00 am and return from Holguín at 3:30 pm the same day. According to official information, this tour will take place twice a week, on Wednesdays and Saturdays, for the benefit of residents of various municipalities between the provinces of Guantánamo, Santiago de Cuba and Holguín.

The train will circulate on the Guantánamo Line to the San Luis Combinado, on the Central Line to Cacocum and finally on the Holguín Branch to the main municipality, and will have 28 regulatory stops.

Yasnay ​​Sánchez Robert, Director of Operations at the EFO, stated that this was “just the beginning” because starting in the next few days, other trains in Cuba such as the “Santiago-Manzanillo and Holguín-Antilla” will be reestablished.

Sánchez Robert assured that other route options will be added, “as the repairs of wagons and locomotives are completed” in their workshops.

More trains are restored in eastern Cuba. And the west?

Other train routes in eastern Cuba are also reestablished and maintained. According to the report, the EFO does not stop there. So in addition to the Guantánamo-Holguín train, the company will also maintain these other connections.

  • Guantánamo-Santiago train (known as the university train): Monday and Friday
  • Holguín-Las Tunas Coach: Monday to Saturday
  • Bayamo-Mabay urban train
  • Train Santiago-Contramaestre
  • Coaches for four daily routes between the city of Guaso and several towns in the easternmost territory of the country

Meanwhile, in the western part of the country, we remember that the Havana-Pinar del Río train has been operating since mid-May.

This train runs on Mondays and Thursdays departing at 09:00 am from the station Pinewood of the river, and returns to Havana on Tuesdays and Fridays. From Havana It departs from the “November 19” station in Tulipán at 11:00 am.

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