The Health Board in Río Negro advanced with a series of claims with the Asspur and ATE unions

The Asspur and ATE unions held a new meeting with the Minister of Health, Ana Senesi, within the framework of the Public Service Health Table. Among other axes, the modality in the increases in the guard point was defined.

The space created for the discussion of specific working conditions in the Health sector until a sectoral collective agreement is in forcethe progress was expressed in reference to the claims raised in the last meeting, including the modality in the increases in the guard point.

The Secretary of the Public Service Tania Lastra and the Secretary of Access to Health and Institutional Relations of the Ministry of Health, José Pacayut, participated in the meeting. Carolina Suarez and Silvina Elgueta were present on behalf of ATE, while Cesira Mullally led the Asppur delegation.

Among the announcements, there was a definition of tying the increase in the guard point of the 1904 law to the salary increases since the month of July, taking the coefficient of the average of each salary guideline (fixed sums and percentages).

It was advanced that sAutomatic promotions for the year 2022 are being processed with retroactive effect included and the files are in administrative progress and the inclusion of the payment of the rotating shift to the nursing law 1904 and an increase that reaches 10,000 as of June for those who are part of Law 1844 and 1904 was communicated.

ATE’s proposals for the serious situation of insecurity in hospitals

In this instance, the union raised the serious situation of insecurity in the hospitals and the Minister of Health, Ana Senesi, reported that It was agreed with Daniel Jara, Minister of Security and Justice, that the additional measures carried out by the police are within the emergency guard.

Besides, The entry of human resources was requested in all hospitals, increase in the value of the 7th and 8th of the workers of Law 1844 and that the requirement be reviewed as a condition for carrying them out in order to be able to carry out overtime.

Another claim was dnullify the summaries of Bariloche and El Bolsón and review the reduction of overtime in Cinco Saltos for administrative staff and health agents; and that the professional staff of all hospitals be included in resolution 2442/2024.

ATE also demanded a larger budget from hospitalsreplacement and acquisition of ambulances, greater budget for the transportation of patients and workers.

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