They attacked the Wayuu leader Armando Wouriyu on the Cesar roads

The indigenous leader Armando Wouriyu Valbuena, secretary of the Ethnic High Instance of the ethnic peoples and representative of the Ethnic Peace Commission, was the victim of an attack from which he emerged unharmedduring the afternoon of this Wednesday, in events recorded on the Santa Isabel – Curumani road, in Cesar.

According to information from the Special High Level Ethnic Peoples Instance, The security scheme of the indigenous leader was moving through the aforementioned sector when he was intercepted by a white Chevrolet Dimax truck, from which four subjects descended. with firearms pointed and when they saw that the threat was ignored, they proceeded to shoot at the vehicle 7 times.”

In the face of this attack that left no people injured or dead, High Level Special Instance of Ethnic Peoples demanded that the National Protection Unit and other authorities, “strengthen security measures and advance investigations that identify the intellectual and material authors of this attack.”

To this call The Follow-up and Monitoring Committee also joined the Recommendations of the Truth Commission in Cesar, of which Armando is a part Wouriyu.


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