Matanzas, for a summer closer to the community

Summer will arrive with important events that will liven up the warm days in Matanzas, from June 29 to August 31. Seventeen bands, nine of them from Mexico, France and Canada and eight from Cuba, will attend, as a preamble to the summer season, from June 27 to 29 at the Atenas de Cuba to participate in the Atenas Rock, among the most popular festivals. oldest of this genre in the country.


The presence of the Blue Tent of the National Circus of Cubawith the show Evolution and presentations of The Colmenita through several municipalities and the Yumurina city with Ajiaco of dreams, Little finger and the musical The cockroach Martina, They ratify the will to celebrate culture in the 13 municipalities of the province.

Other special moments of the program in July and August will be the celebration of the José Jacinto Milanés Literary Dayhe Meeting of Yumurí Film Clubsthe event Songs of love and homeland and the second moment of Intermittent Riversproject of the Havana Biennial in Matanzas this 2024.

Also added are the Varadero Jossone Rumba, Jazz and Son and the Timbalaye Festival, along the rumba routemoments dedicated to exalting the sound heritage of the Island, with the participation of important exponents of Cuban music.

The aim is to ensure that the summer cultural programming has a decolonizing character with the defense of the nation’s most indigenous cultural values, according to Osbel Marrero Acosta, provincial director of Culture in Matanzas.

“The summer design pursues the objective of reaching all communities in the province. Cultural colonization is present in all scenarios and we have to confront it by defending the values ​​of our culture, the authenticity of our identity and the quality of each of the proposals that we present to the population.

“Each municipality has designed a strategy to work in this regard. We will pay special attention to areas in vulnerable conditions, with difficult access, to disadvantaged neighborhoods in transformation; We will also be present in grandparents’ homes and centers for children without family protection.

“The programming was organized based on what Matanzas culture defends. We will have danzón, rumba, important literary spaces, with the presence of our best artists”.

The centenary of the Sonora Lira Matancerathe 30 years of Seasons Theater and the 20s of the José Martí Art Instructors Brigadewill serve as motivations for the festivities and will encourage the presentations of these groups in neighborhoods and communities of the territory.

This initiative will be joined by the performer Alfonsito Llorens, the Miguel Failde orchestra, the mariachis Atenas and Los coyotes, the Cultural Assets Fund and ARTEX, as well as the 17 artistic brigades of the UNEAC and Culture in the province that will offer around 480 actions in popular councils and neighborhoods in transformation throughout the territory of Matanzas.

Other proposals such as heritage routes, territorial book fairs, workshops that, dedicated to different artistic manifestations, will take place in cultural institutions, visual arts exhibitions, concerts, screenings of Cuban films, stage and dance shows will also be part of the summer cultural programming in Matanzas.

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