The 6 best websites to buy and sell all types of second-hand objects

We cannot start anywhere other than the currently largest buying and selling platform. Wallapop has managed to be the platform par excellence due to the ease it offers when it comes to selling objects. It has many different categories, being able to buy clothing, appliances, vehicles and even real estate.

One of the great attractions is that you can search by area, finding nearby sellers. This allows physical exchange without depending on parcel services.

In addition, the platform has a chat service to talk to sellers. The platform has also been implementing measures to avoid scams within the platform.


Without a doubt, one of the emerging markets in the sale of second-hand products is used clothing. Vinted has become the star platform for selling clothing and footwear that we have at home and are not going to use. Above all, many come to this platform looking for clothing from companies or brands that would not otherwise be accessible to them.

Although men’s and women’s clothing and accessories are sold, it is usually more women who use this platform. Within the platform we can find clothing and accessories of all kinds, from many brands, as well as in different states and sizes.

In addition to clothing for adults, there are more and more children’s clothing that allows you to save money and recover part of the money invested. Especially in the case of babies, the clothes quickly outgrow them, but they are still perfectly useful. It can be a good opportunity to recover some of the money so you can buy more clothes.

Maybe what you are interested in purchasing is a car, a motorcycle or any other vehicle that allows you to get around. Well, the best option you have is, a website specialized in motor vehicles with a huge catalog. You can also sell your car, motorcycle or any other means of motor transport if you want to renew it.

used vehicles website

I have a large database that includes vehicles from individuals, professionals and dealers. Come on, we have a huge catalog of options without having to leave home. In addition, we have options for all tastes and budgets, from utilitarian for everyday use to more luxurious options.

This page has additional services to help the user in the purchasing process. The website offers financing options, vehicle insurance, a free appraisal process and even making appointments for test drives.


It is possibly one of the best-known and oldest second-hand websites available. The Milanuncios page has been around for a long time and has offers of all kinds and when we said all kinds, that’s right. Here you can find clothes, knick-knacks, games, books, rentals, vehicles, work, and just about anything you can imagine.

milanuncios second hand website

The strength of this website and its source of success is that it has millions of users every day. In addition, some time ago they renewed the website interface to make it more friendly and adapt to new times. This is why it remains so popular today, in addition to having also improved a lot in other aspects, such as reliability and support.


Although it was born as an auction portal, it currently also offers the option of buying second-hand products directly. The eBay website has a used products category that is very well organized. Here we can find all kinds of products, but not only sold in Spain, but also internationally.

second hand website ebay

This is one of the great strengths, that you can buy new or second-hand products from anyone, wherever they are. In addition, it allows price monitoring to know if it goes up or down. It allows you to create ads in a fairly simple way, like most of these pages. As it could not be otherwise, the website has recently been adapted and offers a more friendly and attractive design.


If you are a fan of video games, especially the classic ones, we have the perfect website for you. In this case we bring you Gamimbo, a website that focuses on the purchase of second-hand video games and consoles. Not only can we buy games and consoles, but also all types of cables, peripherals, cases, etc., for them.

web video games gamimbo

You must keep in mind that the page does not control and manage user prices. This means that, in many cases, these are somewhat swollen, so you have to be careful. Above all, some sellers price games and/or consoles much higher if there is very little stock of them. You have to go with some caution.

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