NASA broadcast an astronaut’s request for help

NASA broadcast an astronaut’s request for help
NASA broadcast an astronaut’s request for help

On Wednesday night, a video was published on NASA’s official YouTube channel, which ended up generating panic and a big scare. Through it, you could hear astronauts asking for help, in a true state of anguish. As a result of the event, it was thought that there was an emergency in space. However, the space organization assured that all crew members are safe.

The state of alarm lasted approximately eight minutes and was accidentally transmitted from the International Space Station (ISS). Those who follow the agency on social media were stunned to hear the mistakenly played audio that suggested an astronaut was in danger due to decompression sickness.

Decompression sickness is a disorder that occurs when the body moves too quickly from a high-pressure environment to a low-pressure environment. It can cause various symptoms, from joint pain to breathing difficulties, and in severe cases, it can be fatal.

In this context, The space agency explained that the audio originated from an ongoing simulation to train crew members and ground teams in various scenarios in space, and was not related to an actual emergency. “This audio inadvertently deviated from an ongoing simulation where crew members and ground crews train for various scenarios in space and is not related to an actual emergency.”NASA said on the ISS page on X.

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