The release of Camila, Thiago Medina’s sister, after criticism for her appearance in Cuestión de Peso

The release of Camila, Thiago Medina’s sister, after criticism for her appearance in Cuestión de Peso
The release of Camila, Thiago Medina’s sister, after criticism for her appearance in Cuestión de Peso

The influencer is one of the contestants of the program hosted by Mario Massaccesi.

Camila, Thiago Medina’s sister, expressed her happiness for being part of “Cuestión de Peso” and responded to those who criticize her. (Photo: Captura eltrece)

Camila Deniz surprised everyone with his appearance in Matter of weight (the thirteen). Therefore, the sister of Thiago Medina He received several comments on social networks and went out to respond to them.

“For those people who are talking badly about me, I wish you the best”expressed the influencer on her Instagram profile, after announcing that she will participate in the program hosted by Mario Massaccesi.

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“I thank the audience that was with me, my friends and my niece,” Camila said for those who were present in the studio. Matter of Weight (eltrece). “I know it is a change for me and I know that you are going to support me in the good times”he also noted.

Camila Deniz with Mario Massaccesi in “Cuestión de Peso”. (Photo: Captura eltrece)

In addition, the sister of the former participant of Big Brother (Telefe) He explained to his followers the reason why he could not tell them this news. “It was a surprise, nothing could be said”he indicated.

“I will be from Monday to Friday at the thirteenthank you for the endurance, the love, and the affection.”Camila concluded in the video she uploaded to her Instagram profile to respond to the repercussions for having joined the reality show.

This was the presentation of Camila, Thiago Medina’s sister, in “Cuestión de Peso”

This Monday a new edition of Matter of Weight (eltrece) led by Mario Massaccesi and a team made up of Dr. Alberto CormillotAdrián Cormillot, Estefania Pasquini, Abril Cormillot and Sergio Verón.

In her conversation with Massaccesi, Camila explained that she decided to join because of a situation she experienced in recent weeks in a bowling alley. According to her story, a young man followed her to the bathroom and I called him “Barney.”referring to the purple children’s dinosaur.

Camila is one of the participants of “Cuestión de Peso”. (Photo: Captura eltrece)

Furthermore, in her presentation, Thiago Medina’s sister expressed: “I am from La Matanza, I am 29 years old and I weigh 139.1 kilos”. In her words, she assured that he is looking for help to lose weight and get ahead. “After my mother died, I fell into depression and started to gain weight. “I ate out of anxiety,” she said.

“I want a change in my life to feel better and to have a little more “Camila explained. And, in response to a question from Mario Massaccesi, she detailed what she likes most and what she longs to do: “Dancing, putting on clothes that I would like to wear.”

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