Natalio Mema advanced Mendoza’s strategy against La Pampa

Natalio Mema advanced Mendoza’s strategy against La Pampa
Natalio Mema advanced Mendoza’s strategy against La Pampa

In the midst of debate in senatorial committees for the addendum that enables the Province to use the 1,023 million dollars, the Government of Alfredo Cornejo He announced what his strategy will be in the face of the judicial claim of The Pampa against Mendoza.

Natalio Mema, Minister of Government, announced that the Executive’s intention is to bring together the State Prosecutor, Fernando Simón, and the Government Advisor, Ricardo Canet, with all the senators and provincial deputies. The objective is for them to know the legal defense that Mendoza will have in response to the complaint made by the Pampas president, Sergio Ziliottoin the Supreme Court of Justice.

We want to imitate what the southern mayors did. There are no political colors here, but rather defending the Province“Mema stated later to Sun.

Mema’s clarification came from a question from the San Rafael senator of the Front I choseMauricio Sat.

Sat wanted to know if the Government of Mendoza had calculated in economic terms the damages caused by the industrial promotion in the southern departments during the 90s.

After several back and forths, Mema suggested “leave partisan differences and be united in this”.

The South is an important part of the province and has suffered damage. For this reason, many projects that we have in mind such as El Baqueano, Los Nihuiles and Portezuelo del Viento itself are all located in the South. But unfortunately many of these works depend on the problem with COIRCO“, Mema completed.

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