Conin continues with the delivery of 3,800 kilos of milk

Conin continues with the delivery of 3,800 kilos of milk
Conin continues with the delivery of 3,800 kilos of milk

Last Tuesday the distribution operation of the food withheld by the Ministry of Human Capital and on Wednesday night the first 800 kilos arrived at San Juan. Then more arrived that are being distributed and will continue throughout next week to culminate on Friday.
This was stated to Diario Zonda, Jimena Oliver, nutritionist of the Conin Foundation, which is in charge of distribution throughout the country. “The operation is already being carried out. The first 800 kilos arrived on Wednesday and that was delivered that same day, it was received, controlled and loaded into different CONIN volunteer vans and delivered to the picnic areas that had already been agreed to “They were going to receive those 800 kilos.”

He later explained that “a part was delivered on Wednesday and another on Thursday. That day we received another 3,000 kilos of milk, which are the ones that are being delivered now. This morning (this Saturday) 350 kilos have been delivered and by In the afternoon they allocated 2,250 to the ministry of Family and Human Development of the province to distribute in remote departments, such as, for example, Fertile Valley, Mogna and Native Peoples“Oliver explained.

He added that Conin volunteers will deliver another 450 kilos on Monday. The work will continue throughout the week because “on Friday we have to have all the data of each person to whom the milk was delivered to send that information to the Conin headquarters in Mendoza“, he claimed.
The goal is to deliver the one-kilogram packages of milk as soon as possible because they have an expiration date of July 31.
“With the help of the Ministry of Human Development we have been able to reach the most remote areas,
That was what worried us a little more, that the distribution would be equitable between all areas and not only in the central ones or those with easier access,” said the professional who also clarified that delivery is only to picnic areas and dining rooms. since schools have the Milk Cup provided by the Ministry of Human Development.

On the other hand, he distinguished that the dining rooms or picnic areas can be run by individuals, groups of neighbors who use neighborhood clubs or unions and also NGOs.
On the other hand, he assured that Conin’s intervention in the distribution is only for this once and they are not assured that they will continue doing so in subsequent months.

As a result of the controversy that arose in recent days over the food in warehouses Villa Martelli, Buenos Aires, and Tafí Viejo Tucumánthe Ministry of Human Capital that leads Sandra Pettovello An agreement was signed with the CONIN Foundation so that, through 64 distribution centers, its canteens and picnic areas, it facilitates the provision of more than 465 thousand kilos of powdered milk to vulnerable social sectors.
The operation has the collaboration of the Argentine Army and the Ministry of Defense.


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