Pablo Alarcón underwent open heart surgery and is evolving favorably

Pablo Alarcón underwent open heart surgery and is evolving favorably
Pablo Alarcón underwent open heart surgery and is evolving favorably


After several days of hospitalization, Pablo Alarcon He underwent surgery for heart complications. The procedure took place at the High Complexity Medical Institute, and this Saturday Alarcón was evolving favorably. Due to protocol and prevention, he will continue to be observed for 48 hours. “He already woke up. Now she has to rest a lot because she has had open heart surgery. so it requires a lot of care and attention,” Agostina, one of the actor’s daughters, told THE NATION.

“It wasn’t easy, but God enlightened the surgeons. I was looking forward to breaking this news to my friend and thanking those who joined the prayer chain. God hears your prayers, thank you”, Cacho Rubio, a friend of Alarcón, published on his social networks about the result of the operation.

Cacho Rubio gave details on his social networks about the state of health of his friend Pablo Alarcón

Recently, the health of Pablo Alarcon generated deep concern among his fans and loved ones. In mid-May, the 77-year-old actor was admitted to the Dr. Enrique Tornú General Acute Hospital in the city of Buenos Aires for bilateral pneumonia. “Some time ago he had a heart attack and he has some stents, which must be reviewed. You have to clean those stents“, he had detailed Claribel Medinahis ex-wife and mother of his children.

In the middle of last year, his name was in the news again. Although it came from being part of the series BarrabravaPrime Video and doing theater in Mar del Plata with broken by love, His critical economic situation made him decide to perform cap theater in the squares. A video about one of those performances went viral on social networks and their situation became news. “It is a moment in my life when I have to do this, perhaps giving back to society in some way. Well, rather, I don’t owe anything to anyone, the corrupt governments owe me, the thieves who left and took everything,” she told on that occasion to THE NATION.

The protagonist of Open day and night is hospitalized; He was accompanied at all times by his ex-wife Claribel Medina and his daughters, Antonella and Agostina.Alejandro Guyot

During that same talk he talked about his financial situation. “I am retired, I earn the minimum, my daughters help me and I am a hustler. As long as I can stand, they won’t turn me oversaid the interpreter who was part of the successful television series High comedy and soap operas like Rose from afar, Heaven gift and little women, who after more than five decades of experience turned the helm and, during the pandemic, was encouraged to produce a personal cooking and music show.

The chosen text that he presented together with Augusto Gavilán, his music teacher, was a fragment of the book Voluntary servitude speech, written in 1548 by the French philosopher Etienne de La Boétie, who reflects on corruption. Alarcón had made it a habit to leave his house with the instrumentsset up a minimum stage, put on some thermal leggings and t-shirts that one of his daughters had given him and to appear on Sunday afternoons in Plaza Francia, in front of the Pilar Church and the Recoleta Cultural Center.

“I am a worker. Nothing bothers me. They are going to turn me over the day they bury me. “I am a fighter,” he noted. At the same time he insisted: “I don’t need to work anymore, that’s the reality. What I need is to earn money to live -he admitted on another occasion-. I do theater in a square because I have dignity. I do not have shame. I didn’t smoke the money in nonsense, the country smoked it. On 1050, the corralito, the dollar. All. “It caught me off guard, personal things happened to me, but I’m not the only one.”

Before that, Alarcón He went through more comfortable times economically, as he said: “It must have been in 1969, with the play by Alejandro Doria Plaza Suite. The day I went to eat at Pippo restaurant and, instead of ordering noodles with tuco, I ordered a chorizo ​​steak, I realized that I could now live better. And, later, with my first big salary, I bought a Citroën 2CV,” she once recalled.

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