Completed Continuing Medical Education cycle in Pediatrics

Completed Continuing Medical Education cycle in Pediatrics
Completed Continuing Medical Education cycle in Pediatrics

In a significant milestone for pediatric , 140 health professionals successfully completed the Continuing Medical Education in Pediatrics cycle, an 18-month training program led by the Children’s Hospital Foundation in collaboration with Unicef, Unju and the Ministry of Health of the Province.

Since its inception at the end of 2022, this exceptional training program has been a joint effort between the Children’s Hospital Foundation and the teaching staff of the prestigious “Dr. Ricardo Gutiérrez” Children’s Hospital in Buenos Aires, with the support of the Ministry of Health of the Province and the National University of Jujuy.

The program’s innovative approach, combining virtual and in-person modalities, has allowed participants to access a wide range of relevant topics in pediatrics, from respiratory diseases to neurodevelopment, neonatology, adolescent medicine and more.

With a total course load of 640 hours, this training cycle has been rigorous and comprehensive, ensuring that graduates are fully equipped to meet the challenges in pediatric healthcare.

The president of the foundation, Pedro Ricardo Manzur, expressed his gratitude to all the graduated professionals, instructors, trainers, collaborators and allied institutions, highlighting the importance of the contribution of each of them to make this achievement possible.

He recognized the teaching staff of the Gutiérrez hospital, the Ministry of Health, Unicef ​​and Unju, considering that: “their dedication and commitment have been fundamental to the success of this program and to strengthen the quality of pediatric medical care in our community” .

For her part, María Cristina Galoppo, pediatrician at the Gutiérrez Hospital in Buenos Aires and director of the course for the last four decades, expressed her gratitude for the support provided by the province, underlining the importance of this program as a process of shared enrichment.

Carolina Pascual, coordinator of the cycle and future director for the 2025 cohort, praised the commitment of the Children’s Hospital Foundation and the enthusiasm of the professionals at the Gutiérrez hospital, highlighting their joint work in the successful implementation of this program.

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