Health alert in the Los Lagos Region due to an increase in respiratory cases

Health alert in the Los Lagos Region due to an increase in respiratory cases
Health alert in the Los Lagos Region due to an increase in respiratory cases

In response to an anticipated viral circulation of greater magnitude compared to previous years, the Chilean Ministry of Health has declared a Health Alert in the Los Lagos Region. The increase in cases of respiratory viruses, especially in children under five years of age, has led to this preventive measure, which allows the Undersecretary of Public Health and Assistance Networks to take extraordinary actions to confront this scenario.

During the winter period of 2023, the region experienced unprecedented demand for care, with a significant increase in emergency care and hospitalizations for respiratory causes. This has included a high occupancy of pediatric critical beds, a situation that persists in the current seasonal period.

Until epidemiological week 22 of 2024, 104,463 consultations for respiratory causes have been registered, with a notable participation of the children and elderly population, who have presented a considerable increase in cases of influenza and pneumonia compared to the previous year. The data show that 65% of consultations in emergency PHC and 35% in hospital units.

In terms of hospital occupancy, The provincial hospitals of Puerto Montt, Osorno and Castro report an occupancy of 87% in basic-medium pediatric beds and 92% in basic-medium beds for adults. In addition, the pediatric and adult intensive care units maintain high occupancy levels, with 44% and 83% respectively.

Before this panorama, The Ministry of Health has intensified immunization campaigns against influenza and COVID-19 and has implemented mass communication strategies to encourage vaccination, especially among the most vulnerable groups such as newborns and children under two years of age with pre-existing conditions.

The next meeting to evaluate the situation and coordinate actions will continue on June 24, 2024seeking to adapt and reinforce the necessary measures to protect the public health of the population of Los Lagos in the face of this challenging viral scenario.

Information source: Seremi de Salud

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