Two young people were kidnapped by the Clan del Golfo in Segovia, Antioquia

Two young people were kidnapped by the Clan del Golfo in Segovia, Antioquia
Two young people were kidnapped by the Clan del Golfo in Segovia, Antioquia

Segovia, Antioquia

In the Rancho Quemado village of the municipality of Segovia, northeast Antioquia, The detention of the two young people by alleged members of the Gulf Clan occurred in the last few hours.

Caracol Radio learned that the young people were forcibly detained by several criminals who apparently were part of the self-proclaimed Gaitanista Army of Colombia when One of them was in a bar on the sidewalk and the other was in his home.

The community of this area, which has repeatedly requested a greater presence of the public force, He asks that the lives of both young people be respected and that they be returned to their homes soon.

Furthermore, they assured that A few days ago a minor had been recruited by the ELN in the same village, but was recovered by the family; which makes evident the critical situation they are experiencing in that rural area.

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This fact adds to the recent kidnapping of two social leaders from the municipality of Remedios, who were detained on June 14 by alleged members of the ELN in the Mina Nueva village.

The two people kidnapped in Remedios are the treasurer of the Lejanías village, Juan Carlos Jiménez Moreno, and a recognized social leader of the area, Armando de Jesús Barroso Herazo.

After the Government of Antioquia announced this kidnapping, the ELN assured that the retention of the leaders would last until an alleged investigation against them was completed because they would be collaborating with the Gulf Clan.

This fact was rejected by members of social organizations who, They not only hope that these people will be released soon, but they ask for caution on the part of the authorities so that they do not put the lives of those detained at risk by exposing their names.

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In the northeast of Antioquia, the community of several villages of Segovia and Remedios remain in the midst of anxiety due to the clashes that have occurred between Clan del Golfo, ELN and FARC dissidents; situation that has kept them confined and the minors out of school.

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